How would you know you have worms?

Answer WORMS, Intestinal Worms in HumansWorms are intestinal parasites, which infest human beings as well as animals like cats, dogs etc. The common ones are round worm, pin worm, tape worm, hook worm etc... Read More »

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What do you do with your worm compost waste while waiting for your worms to eat down their current bin?

Answer Compost in the regular way or increase the capacity of your vermiculture.

Can parrots eat meal worms or wax worms?

Parrots are picky eaters and may consider mealworms and wax worms as appetizing as you do. Parrots are mostly vegetarian and the optimum diet is 10 percent beans and nuts, 20 percent fresh fruit, 2... Read More »

How to Check If Your Cat Has Worms?

Household cats can often be afflicted with certain intestinal parasites. Cats can get worms through contact with or ingestion of feces or soil contaminated with worm larvae. Contact with infected f... Read More »

How to Grow Your Own Fishing Worms?

Worms are the first thing most people think of as live bait for fishing. Smaller worms such as redworms are commonly used for panfish, while larger worms such as nightcrawlers are used for larger g... Read More »