How do you know if your computer has the Conficker worm?

Answer Go to if you can go to that site, your computer is not infected.

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How do I know if I have a Conficker worm on my PC?

Detect ConfickerGo to the Symantec website and download their free virus scan utility (see Resource 1). Double-click the "setup.exe" file to run the virus scan. When the scan is completed, see if C... Read More »

If the Conficker worm invades my computer and steals my personal data...?

The Conficker worm invaded my DVR box and confucked it all up. **** Dish Network. **** them all to hell.

How to Find the Conficker Worm Virus?

Conficker is a computer worm that has the ability to spread itself across a network of computers without any human intervention. Once it has infected your computer, the Conficker worm slows your co... Read More »

Who or what created the Conficker C worm?

Here's what I have found today. Also I have encountered 3 machines today infected with Conficker.cWhat is it?The conflicker virus is a suppresive virus; It is made up of a worm and a trojan script.... Read More »