How do you know if your belly button piercing is infected ?

Answer It sounds like its just your body trying to adjust to the new piercing and flush out the bacteria around there. Everyone's bellybutton piercing will get a smidge infected but as long as you keep it... Read More »

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How to Visually Imitate a Belly Button Piercing Without Actual Piercing?

This is a guide on how to create the look of a belly button piercing with non-piercing body jewelery, and also, on how to make non-piercing body jewelery. This information is useful for teenagers w... Read More »

My belly button is infected?

How to Treat an Infected Belly Button?

Nothing is nastier than your brand new belly button ring causing an infection. That oozing, smelly green (or yellow) pus has to be taken care of quickly or the infection can spread to the rest of y... Read More »

Belly button piericng is infected/rejecting. please help?

my niece had her button pierced and it went infected and it went red and sore she went to the doctors and he removed the piecing because it was seeping yellow stuff then he gave her a course of med... Read More »