How do you know if your baby is born with asthma?

Answer Aids. That's your answer!! You need to read up on your history you silly person!!!!!!

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Are you born with asthma?

On One Hand: People With a Family History Are at Greater RiskAsthma appears to be hereditary to a certain extent, so individuals who have a family history are more likely to develop symptoms. Aller... Read More »

Why are some babies born with asthma?

The most common cause of seizure between tha ages of six months to six years is febrile seizure. If the child did not have fever at that time other causes have to be considered. The child needs to ... Read More »

Will a baby born with a head full of hair change texture or color My baby was born with dark straight hair I have wavy brown hair and am caucasian and her father is Peurto Rican with curly hair?

Answer Well I was born with dark brown curly hair, and now mine is dead straight, and blonde! so it can change, but not always!

How do you tell if a baby has asthma?

Exclusively breastfed babies rarely have diarrhea. If there is a change in frequency or consistency of stool doctor should be consulted. Maternal medication may also cause diarrhea. Infective diar... Read More »