How do you know if your baby has died inside you?

Answer An obstetrician (pregnancy doctor) should be able to tell you.

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Your baby died inside the stomach?

your developer was sick when the baby was inside of it or your developer was doing drugs .You should really see a doctor, to advise you about your future reproductive health.

Can your wife get pregnant if not ovulating My wife and I have been trying to have a baby for about 3 years now she got pregnant 3 times the last one was 3 months then baby died inside What to do?

If your wife is not ovulating she cannot get pregnant. To find out why you need to visit a medical practitioner.

If ultrasound scans can see inside baby's heart and brain, why can't they tell the sex if baby's legs crossed?

Omg I dont know!!! Shall ask my physicsy husband....He says: coz ultrasound see surfaces that are surrounded by liquids. When the legs are crossed there is too much skin together and not enough liq... Read More »

Dreams of an unborn baby died?

Dreams of an unborn baby that died represent the subconscious mind's effort to deal with the disappointment of a project or plan that was "aborted" before being completed.