How do you know if your 10 year old is gay?

Answer The only way to tell if anyone is gay regardless of their age is to ask them. However, in the case of a ten year-old, asking about their sexual preferences might not be productive. While some child... Read More »

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You are going through a custody battle and you need to know what kind of psychological issues your one year old is dealing with Even though his father wasn't around for the pregnancy or the 1st year.?

AnswerIt's unlikely that your child is going to even remember being a year old. I would be more concerned if it was a child 5+ years old. If the child IS experiencing psychological symptoms it's du... Read More »

If you're a 15-year-old girl how do you call your 22-year-old male cousin who lives far away who you don't know very well and develop a close relationship with him and his brothers without awkwardness?

AnswerMake a brief call to tell him you wish you knew him and his brothers better. Ask if you can email once in a while, exchange email addresses and hope for the best. Guys don't often like talkin... Read More »

What all does your 5 year old know ?

My 3 year old knows all the letters and numbers (upper and lower case). She can also do math puzzles, addition and subtraction, and some multiplication. By the time she is 5, I hope she averages ... Read More »

How do you know when your 2 year old baby has fever?

feel their neck or forehead. if it feels really hot then they have a fever. or you can take their temperature, if its above 99. 7 then they have a fever.