How to Know You Have Mono?

Answer Nicknamed "the kissing disease," mono (infectious mononucleosis) is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus, which is transmitted via saliva. Although not as contagious as a cold, you can get mono from ki... Read More »

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Do you think I have mono?

its possible because it can cause severe tiredness, no energy and aching all over but also fever. But get a doctor to check you ASAP cause you sound like you really need to also if you happen to ha... Read More »

I have mono, how long until...?

You're asking very good questions. Good for you!"I feel like he might be carrying it, but he just doesn't have any symptoms; I read that that's very common." -- Here's some history. There are 2... Read More »

I have a few questions regarding my mono?

This is normal..Sometimes it takes the immune system 6 months to a year to settle down from mono.

How can my boyfriend have mono but I don't?

A big percent of teens (almost 50%) are immune to mono. Why? Because they've had mono as children. When children get mono, no one really knows or takes them to the doctor because it just looks l... Read More »