I'm having a herpies outbreak and I'm on my pierod. Should I have a bake sale?

Answer Take some Valtrex, that should make you feel better so you could have a bake sale if you feel up to it.

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Is Friday a slow juicy question night because everyone is out getting pranqet and contacting herpies?

I contacted AIDS. It tastes like chocolate and helps you lose weight.That is WAY better than herpies.

I have a Samsung p2 and when ever you plug in the headphones you get no sound i have used headphones that i know work does anyone know how to fix it?

I am trying to buy An app on iPhone and you have to type your card details but I don't know where the issuer number is I have tried the expriy date don't know what else to do?

The Iphone is better but the new nexus one it better than the Iphone

I don’t know much about 3D TV but I know I like to have the prettiest things, so which one should I get?

VIZIO 42 Inch Class Theater 3D LCD HDTV with VIZIO Internet Apps, E3D420VX is my families first larger sized HDTV / 3DTV and we love it. A fantastic picture in HD. The pircture is vivid and bright... Read More »