How do you know if you can trust wikipedia or another resource?

Answer Trust is a fuzzy thing.Generally, you can say you can trust something if it is repeated in another source you trust. (e.g. the New York Times, BBC news). A measure of trustworthyness of sources lik... Read More »

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Can I trust wikipedia How do I know if it is valid or not?

No, you can't trust Wikipedia. The only way you can know a particular article is valid or not is by actually being an expert on the subject or at least having done your own research into the topic.... Read More »

You know you shouldnt trust wikipedia right?

You just use it for the basic info not as a source you use the sources on the bottom of the page not the article that is where the bad inforamtion is.

Other than Wikipedia anyone know of another place to research stuff?

Did you try Google Scholar? It is credible and legit, not like Wikipedia which is a bunch of unconfirmed information.

Is wikipedia a reliable resource?

No, not at all. If you've heard rumors like "Wikipedia once accused a respected journalist of participating in a presidential assassination," "Wikipedia once mixed up American and Canada," "Wikiped... Read More »