How do you know if you can trust a Web site?

Answer I trust in a web site when i don't have to execute The Activex control, but when a web site open many unknow windows, be carefull and close all the windows.Also, be carefull with the Phishing

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If you have a secure connection to a Web site, does that mean you can trust the site?

SSL only ensures the safe data transmission from client to server. Hence it guarantees only data safety.

Can I trust the site for live sex cams with my credit card?

You just need to pick the right website. The site I use for live sex cams is very reliable and has been around for over a decade, so you know it will guard your details. Also, you can use alternati... Read More »

Can I trust wikipedia How do I know if it is valid or not?

No, you can't trust Wikipedia. The only way you can know a particular article is valid or not is by actually being an expert on the subject or at least having done your own research into the topic.... Read More »

How do you know if you can trust wikipedia or another resource?

Trust is a fuzzy thing.Generally, you can say you can trust something if it is repeated in another source you trust. (e.g. the New York Times, BBC news). A measure of trustworthyness of sources lik... Read More »