How to Know if You Are an Alcoholic?

Answer Alcoholism is the most widespread form of substance abuse in the modern world. Being able to recognize it in yourself is a vital step towards coping, and if you wish, recovering from your dependency.

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How do you know if your an alcoholic?

you find yourself waking up next to men's gentitals.

Didn't you know!!! you can be sober for a year & still be an alcoholic?

Yeah it's true, alot of people don't know that tho, some people think an alcoholic is someone who drinks first thing in the mornings! or they say 'I'm not an alcoholic! I don't drink every day!' b... Read More »

Does anybody know any good NON-alcoholic cocktail recipes?

Non Alcoholic Fizzy Sour Cherry LemonadeIngredients2 pounds fresh or thawed frozen sour cherries (2 quarts), stemmed 2 cups fresh lemon juice 1 1/2 to 2 cups superfine sugar 3 cups white rum (optio... Read More »

Anyone else know more than one vegetarian alcoholic?

I'm going to be straight-up honest here... I've been vegan for 20 years or so. I don't know a single alcoholic. Period. If anyone I know is an alcoholic, he/she is hiding it well. Of the peopl... Read More »