How do you know if u need braces?

Answer If you can't tell by looking, ask your dentist at your next appointment, they can tell how well your teeth are aligned and whether you need to see an orthodontist who will then make the final decision

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Things You Need to Know About Braces?

One of the most valuable things to know about braces regards seeking a second opinion. As an article published by the website BracesGuide states, most people are willing to devote a great deal of t... Read More »

Getting braces soon and need to know what to do?

ok ive had my braces on for 2 years now and u do get used to them so dont be scared! well for breakfast eat some tortilla chips or doritos or something bc once the braces are say bye bye to hard th... Read More »

I need to know some stuff about braces?

haha i can prob help u alot with this question. i just got mine put on about 1 month ago. so it is going to be weird having metal in yur mouth but you will get you so that. Your teeth may be a litt... Read More »

Do my teeth NEED braces or will i be okay check them out and let me know?

u have a beautiful smile :Dedit: AND a lot of class dealing with idiots like hudson :)