How do you know if the test is right?

Answer Well, a false positive is very uncommon however false negatives are a bit more common. I would say take 2 tests 2 weeks apart to make sure you've got an accurate result

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If you take a pregnancy test the next day after sexual intercourse because you think you pregnant is it possible the test give you the right answer?

Answer No your HCG level which is the hormone that indicates pregnancy on a test has not had enough time to go up and you would not be "pregnant" the next day the egg has just been fertilized that... Read More »

I would like to know... What are the major mistakes in Driving test and how those can be avoided during test?

Hello there,I think you'll find this link very useful:…And make sure the examiner is buckles up before you even start the vehicle!Best

How to Know if Mr.Right Isn't Really Mr.Right?

Girls, how many times have you been in a relationship with a guy who you thought was the perfect guy...for a while? How many times have you had to picked up the pieces of all your hopes and dreams ... Read More »

I know I am a sociopath and I know my children are in serious danger but how do I get the right treatment so that I don't cause them long term harm?

If you were truly a sociopath, first you would not be aware of it (or at least you would not acknowledge it); second, if you already have kids, it is far too late for an easy fix. If you truly are... Read More »