How do you know if the guy came inside you?

Answer if its goes in it will come out!!!!!did ya see or feel any thing come out.... you are stupid for not wearing a condom, you could have an STD including AIDS or you could have gotten pregnant. And yo... Read More »

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You started your period on dec 30 and then had unprotected sex and he came inside you on Jan 12 now today is Jan 20 is it too soon to tell if im pregnant what signs and symptons could you look out for?

Answer Signs: cramping,tender breasts,frequent urination. Take a test around the 23rd if negative repeat in 2 days. All the best I hope you get the answer you want.

What is the name of the old childrens TV show where this woman had a bag and inside the bag there were 2 dolls and they came alive and made music?

We were trying to remember this one too. Did you ever find out??

TOKIO HOTEL FAMILY: Did You Know The Audi Photoshoot Came Out?

theyr gorgeous!! :DDDit's honestly an awesome photoshoot :)Poll: haha yes...only on my good days..not often though :P

Can anyone identify this plant it came up and I don't know what it is.?

The message I got was " This page does not exist".