How do you know if broccoli has gone bad?

Answer Apart from the usual signs of mold or slimy patches, broccoli is usually past its best if the flower heads have become loose or started to open. The head will no longer have that firm and dense fee... Read More »

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If i eat gone off broccoli will I get ill?

As long as it remained in the fridge it will be perfectly fime to cook and eat.It may be slightly lesser in quality of taste that is all.It may go a little mush if over cooked from ecperienceDune

Where do broccoli seeds come from in the broccoli?

The tree shaped things we eat are the flowering part of the plant. The little dark green bits at the top are the undeveloped flower buds. If left on the plant they grow into little yellow flowers t... Read More »

How do you know olive oil has gone bad?

in a cool dry place, expiry date shows when its gone bad, if u store it at a cold temp it will go grainy and sludge like at the bottom, this is normal, once oil hits a warmer temp it wil clarify

How do you know when a relationship has gone bad?

When you feel that the relationship has gone bad, if you do not have the same emotions as you use to, or if you want to get out of the relationship.