How do you know if antifreeze is leaking from your refrigerator?

Answer There is no antifreeze in a refrigerator.

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Why Is My Car Leaking Antifreeze?

Cars are not supposed to leak antifreeze, also known as engine coolant. The fluid runs from different parts of the engine to others and is always contained. If you see this greenish fluid on the gr... Read More »

The Antifreeze & Oil Are Leaking in My Dodge Dakota?

Auto maker Dodge's Dakota series of trucks is prized for its rugged performance, but like nearly any automobile, problems occur that can hamper performance. Antifreeze and fuel line leaks are commo... Read More »

Causes for a Car Leaking Antifreeze Under the Hood?

Oil and antifreeze are life's blood for your engine, but an antifreeze leak can have several consequences that an oil leak may not. Steaming antifreeze can easily work its way into any one of your ... Read More »

Causes of Leaking Antifreeze in a 2004 Ford Explorer?

A 2004 Ford Explorer uses antifreeze to help cool the engine and keep the SUV operating normally. The coolant system is comprised of several parts, each of which perform a vital function. The heate... Read More »