How do you know if an electric fence is switched on or off without touching it?

Answer Hey Paula,The correct answer is Jendralus!A Blade of Grass will probably have moisture on it - Conducts electricity.Pee, Water, Tongue, etc all have moisture on it - Conducts electricity.Stick, Twi... Read More »

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Can you die from touching an electric fence?

Maybe if you had a bad heart.I'm a rancher and I touch electric fence all the time to see if it's working.The secret is to touch the wire with the back of your knuckles. At the first pulse of elect... Read More »

How to Take a Paperclip out of a Jar Without Touching It?

By doing this project, you can prove your teacher that you are a pretty smart student.

How can I hack a phone sms without touching it?

it is possible if you know other mobile bluetooth password...

How to Get Something out of the Toilet Without Touching It?

Ever drop something in the toilet, such as a pencil sharpener, and think it would be too gross to take it out with your hands? Well here's a simple and easy way to get it out!