How do you know if an electric fence is switched on or off without touching it?

Answer Hey Paula,The correct answer is Jendralus!A Blade of Grass will probably have moisture on it - Conducts electricity.Pee, Water, Tongue, etc all have moisture on it - Conducts electricity.Stick, Twi... Read More »

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Can you die from touching an electric fence?

Maybe if you had a bad heart.I'm a rancher and I touch electric fence all the time to see if it's working.The secret is to touch the wire with the back of your knuckles. At the first pulse of elect... Read More »

How to Fix an Electric Dog Fence?

Invisible dog fences keep pets in a yard and safe from dangers like moving cars while making them a better part of the neighborhood. Electric fences make it possible to keep your dog in without un... Read More »

How much is an electric fence?

The cost for an electric fence for a dog averages $120 to $160, and is sometimes as high as $180 to $200. These fences usually come in a kit and are easy to install.Source:Electric Dog Fence

What does joule mean in an electric fence?

A joule measures work or energy, like an inch measures length. According to the University of North Carolina, a joule is "the work done by a force of one newton acting to move an object through a d... Read More »