I am applying for a scholarship, and i don't understand what it means when it says:?

Answer Post-secondary educational institution - one that is beyond high school, where you will need either a HS diploma or a GEDSome such schools:Community/Junior CollegeState Funded College or University... Read More »

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How to Know When He Loves You?

Relationships can be tough. You put a lot of time and energy into one, then when you fall in love, you can spend months unsure whether your partner loves you back. Men don't always express their lo... Read More »

What can you do if you are in your 30's and a 17-year-old boy says he loves you?

Answer If you continue to let him think that he is in love with you then you ARE hurting him. The best thing to do is to walk away. Explain to him that you care for him too much to let him make suc... Read More »

When it says "No user serviceable parts inside" How do they know?

I hope they know what's inside...Oh, you mean they know that I I know...

What is the name of the episode in Stargate SG-1 where Jack says he loves Sam?

He never directly tells her he loves her, he does imply it in the episode where they are all taking lie detector tests to make sure they haven't been infected with the Goa'uld virus. There is an ep... Read More »