How to Know when It's the Right Time to Openly Let the Girl You Like Know You Like Her?

Answer Do you feel a strong connection when your with that girl after knowing her well? Do you feel helpless when she walks pass or smiles at you cause you don't know what to say?Well, I can tell you my f... Read More »

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How to Know if Mr.Right Isn't Really Mr.Right?

Girls, how many times have you been in a relationship with a guy who you thought was the perfect guy...for a while? How many times have you had to picked up the pieces of all your hopes and dreams ... Read More »

I know I am a sociopath and I know my children are in serious danger but how do I get the right treatment so that I don't cause them long term harm?

If you were truly a sociopath, first you would not be aware of it (or at least you would not acknowledge it); second, if you already have kids, it is far too late for an easy fix. If you truly are... Read More »

Right To Privacy OR The Right to know?

Hi NH-Adoptee,First I will mention that the evidence shows that the overwhelming majority (over 95%) of mothers DO welcome their children lost to adoption back into their lives. I'm sorry your mot... Read More »

My iPhone has all songs listed as starting with a. I know that's hard to understand but you know how on the right side you can quickly switch to a certain letter?

As iPhones are expensive, what you need to do first is be more careful. The next best thing to do is take the iPhone to an Apple store so a qualified Service Technician can find out why the screen ... Read More »