My pet rat bit me, and i dont know if it has rabies, Should i get immediate medical attention?

Answer You'd know if it was sick. It's pretty hard for a pet rat to get rabies.

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Am i gonna get rabies and die?

Rabies is transmitted via saliva, which means you need to be bitten by an animal with rabies in order to contract the disease. As for all the other nasties kitty might have had, good handwashing i... Read More »

Can rats get rabies?

Almost any animal, wild or domestic, can become infected with rabies. However, the incidence of rabies among rodents (like mice, rats and squirrels) is extremely low. The Centers for Disease Contro... Read More »

Can cattle get rabies?

Rabies is a virus transmittable to almost every mammal, including cattle. Mammals that are primarily carnivorous such as skunks, bats, cats and dogs are more likely to get rabies. However due to th... Read More »

Can foxes get rabies?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, any mammal is susceptible to rabies. Foxes are the primary carriers of the "Arctic Fox" rabies strain. Regardless of the strain, any rab... Read More »