How do I know if my child has cat scratch fever?

Answer I need more info. Cat scratch fever is pretty rare in our hygienic world. If their is an obvious scratch on her, keep it really clean and put antibiotic on it and cover it. with a bandage or gauz... Read More »

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How to Know if You Have a Cold Vs. a Fever?

You're feeling under the weather, but you can't tell if you just have the common cold or if instead you have fever. Read this article for signs of both illnesses and how to tell the difference.

2 week old baby and want to know if he has a fever?

You are describing nerve pain, he needs to see a Neurologist ASAP!

How do you know when your 2 year old baby has fever?

feel their neck or forehead. if it feels really hot then they have a fever. or you can take their temperature, if its above 99. 7 then they have a fever.

How do know when baby's fever is to high baby?

You are a child who looks like a very old person. Bald, wrinkly, bad eyes, etc.