How do you know if a baby is a midget?

Answer You don't know when they are a baby unless the baby is taken to the doctor for an examination. Without a doctor's visit, you would just compare the child to others in school as they get older and i... Read More »

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Is a midget baby the same size as a normal baby?

It depends on what kind of dwarf it is. Most of them are the same some, but the smallest kinds are tiny.

Is baby bop a midget?

No. She's a three-year-old dinosaur.

Is baby bop from barney played by a midget?

Its when vlad is the chosen one and is picked to be the new grand high vampire.

If im 13 and 4'10 am i a midget?

no if ur only 13 that's ok but if ur really insurecure about ur height then i suggest u go to ur g.p to make sure ur gowwing proply and to see if ur the right height for ur age If you are 4'10" at ... Read More »