How do you know if a Jazz DV179 Camera is charging/finished charging?

Answer I haven't looked through this link but something might help....…

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Charging my digital camera?

Never heard of charging a camera through the USB connection but USUALLY if you need a wall charger it is included.

Mini DV MD80 camera not charging!?…===I do a lot of digital video and don't recognize anything on that page..If the camcorder came with a AC/DC power adapter..try that to see if the camcord... Read More »

Question about "Jazz" digital Camera?

It sounds like you have a relatively small storage memory in the camera. If possible, you can get a SD card or memory stick. If not, you might be able to turn down the resolution in the camera's Ma... Read More »

How do you know if your iphone is charging?

The lock screen will show a battery with a lightning bolt and the status bar will show one miniaturized