How do you know if a Jazz DV179 Camera is charging/finished charging?

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Charging my digital camera?

Never heard of charging a camera through the USB connection but USUALLY if you need a wall charger it is included.

Question about "Jazz" digital Camera?

It sounds like you have a relatively small storage memory in the camera. If possible, you can get a SD card or memory stick. If not, you might be able to turn down the resolution in the camera's Ma... Read More »

Mini DV MD80 camera not charging!?…===I do a lot of digital video and don't recognize anything on that page..If the camcorder came with a AC/DC power adapter..try that to see if the camcord... Read More »

Fully charging a new digital camera battery before first use?

No harm done. It is actually better to have enjoyed your camera upon purchase and drain the battery completely before charging. If you have a decent charger, it would drain the battery first anyway... Read More »