How do you know if Cydia apps are free?

Answer It will say so. If not then there will be a price tag visible and it will ask you to purchase it

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How to Remove Cydia Apps?

Where's My X?Cydia is an app for iOS that allows downloading packages that the App Store don't allow.However, most of Cydia's apps cannot be removed manually (Holding the finger on an app, waiting ... Read More »

How to Sync Cydia Apps in iTunes?

Cydia apps are the applications that are made available to you on your iPhone or iPod Touch after the device is "jailbroken," which is to say that you break passed the standard factory settings. Th... Read More »

Can you use itunes money to pay for Cydia apps?

No, You can only choose between Paypal or Amazon

How do you know if cydia's apps are for free?

Just add a source ( like I think) then you get them all for free. It IS illegal though.