A question for stay at home moms, PLEASE grace me with your answers, I know I would LOVE to know?

Answer haha I was wondering this myself the other day when someone asked a question starting with 'to all full time moms...' I was like, what, if you work, you're only a 'part' time mom?! I wish people wo... Read More »

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Why Doesn't Anyone in Yahoo Answers Hierarchy See these Atrocities!!?

Nobody needs to be abused for what they believe. When will we understand that I don't make your choices and you don't make mine. We can all disagree without beating each other for our views. Your v... Read More »

What do these lens specification given by my doc tell about my eyesight(only serious answers pls)?

Hi there, you have shortsighted astigmatism OR myopic astigmatism. This is worse in the right eye than the left eye. What this means is that in general your vision is poorer at distance BUT the ast... Read More »

Facebook quiz,..need to know the answers,..?

1 ~ 0 (they all copy the one that jumped out)2 ~ glass (greenhouse = thing that stores warmth for plants)3 ~ bread (it isnt toast till its already toasted)4 ~ roosters dont lay eggs5 ~ a quarter an... Read More »

What Parents Do You Know On Yahoo Answers?

Everyone who has answered this question (or I have seen on here at one point or another.PQ: Hmm... Bad food: chocolate chip cookies Good food: broccoli (can't get enough!)