Im on hold with the irs to ask questions we all want answers to let me know?

Answer I am currently on hold, as well. I called back a second time after the first agent was rude during the conversation and hung up on me. I suggest you be polite, not inquire about anyone's return b... Read More »

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Am i fat!! I know you hate these questions?

shut up people. you are far from fat!!! if you are worried about your health go see your doctor and get a body mass index done. that will tell you if you are a healthy weight for your height. if yo... Read More »

Can you help..with my problem ..I don't know how to save my answers or questions..I like?

All the questions you answer yourself are automatically saved in your profile.All others your can save by adding them to your favourites or bookmarks, depending of the browser you are using. Just b... Read More »

Swine flu and pregnancy - yeah I know you're sick and tired of hearing these questions?

I think maybe you are a little bit obsessed about this flu. I mean you are trying to protect your pregnancy and thats understandable , but do not deliberately try to get the flu.Swine flu is spread... Read More »

In which episode of the TV classic series X Files does Fox Mulder say Why is it that every time you think you know the answers someone goes and changes the questions?