Dancing Bear Male Dancers. Did you know they are not real?

Answer Hmm, and to think that the Bang Bus was just really a couple of horny dudes picking a stranger girl off the street, having their way with her in their van on the open road and then dumping her at a... Read More »

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Why do people answer questions if they are just gonna say "I dont know"?

I know exactly how you feel. It is rather tiresome having infantile answers to real questions. However, there are plenty of intelligent people who do respond... thank goodness.Those others are ju... Read More »

How do i know that you all are real people perhaps you are just some weird yahoo programs keeping me busy?

The best resource at your disposal without too much trouble would be to read about and apply the Turing Test. The URLs below have pertinent information about it and are more authorative than I;-) ... Read More »

Do twins ever not have another sibling Because just from looking back at all the families I know to have twins they never have JUST that pair... there is always one more sibling.?

Sisters are annoying because they want to be just like you. Have you ever noticed how she is always wanting to be around you? Mine is the same way, but I have managed to get over it. It's only beca... Read More »

Does BYU do piloting degrees I know they do ROTC which would include the AIR FORCE but I'm planning to become a Co-Pilot so I was just wondering?