How do you knock someone out by squeezing their pressure point?

Answer There are several nerves around the neck which can completely cut off circulation of bloodflow to the brain. Pressing on the carotid artery can cause unconsciousness. Plus, there are several places... Read More »

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Dew Point & Pressure?

Dewpoint is the temperature at which air forms dew at a particular pressure. The dew point is also connected to the relative humidity--a high relative humidity indicates that the dew point is close... Read More »

Is there a pressure point that can keep you from throwing up?

Yes, there are several. The easiest one to reach is the anti-nausea (and anti-motion sickness) spot on your inner wrist.Turn your hand over so that the palm is facing you. Measure down 3 finger-w... Read More »

Pressure Point Tools?

Pressure points on the body, also called trigger points, are small areas of concentrated muscle and nerve fibers that can cause radiating pain when they are tight. Pressure point tools are used to ... Read More »

What is the definition of a pressure point?

As defined by traditional Chinese medicine, "pressure points," or acupressure points, are areas of concentrated energy in the body. Pressing them with intention can stimulate physical, mental, and ... Read More »