How do you kill weeds without affecting well water?

Answer Answer There are a number of options; the most standard would be to use a non-persistent herbicide like Roundup, which breaks down quickly in the soil. It would also help to apply and herbicides to... Read More »

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How much salt do you add to water to kill weeds?

Some gardeners prefer 1.5 cups salt to 3 cups water. Others prefer 1 cup salt to 2 cups water.Salt kills weeds, and everything else in the area. In fact, the ancient Romans routinely salted the lan... Read More »

What can you spray on your garden to kill grass and weeds but not kill my plants?

a weedicide just go to a plant shop and demand for a weedicide you will get desired results example of weedicide is anthracineRangiku_Awata: My mom uses seven i think,but i may be wrong so go to a ... Read More »

How to Kill Weeds With Vinegar?

Growing your own garden is the best way to pesticide-free plants and vegetables. You might have a green thumb but may not be fond of pulling pesky weeds when they spring up. Using harsh chemicals n... Read More »

How to Use Borax to Kill Weeds?

You can control weeds in your garden and lawn using traditional herbicides. Unfortunately, many of these products rely on potentially toxic chemicals. Borax, a powdered substance containing boron, ... Read More »