How do you kill sow thistle?

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How Do I Kill Thistle?

Thistle is often labeled a nuisance because it overcrowds wanted forage and grain crops such as wheat and clover. Thistle gives off a chemical that is toxic to other plants and can grow a root syst... Read More »

How do i cut the root of thistle to kill it?

Remove the StalkCut away the thistle stalk with a pair of pruning sheers. If there are blooms, burn them to prevent seeding. Wear leather gloves to protect your hands while handling thistle.Destroy... Read More »

How do I kill Canada thistle?

Use Weed KillerUse weed killer formulated to fight Canada thistle for the best results in killing the plant above and below ground. Canada thistle is notoriously tough, even against weed killers. S... Read More »

Does vinegar kill musk thistle?

A study done by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Maryland found that 5 and 10 percent vinegar solutions successfully burned the tops of the musk thistle. The thistle simply grew again from its... Read More »