How do you kill grubs in the garden?

Answer I had this question too. I found this really informative web site when I googled Kill Grubs. read through BEFORE you buy anything!Nicky

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How do you kill lawn grubs?

There are certain pesticides that are made just for this purpose. You can also bring in a few toads to manage your yard and garden of grubs. You will need at least a shallow pond for them to cool ... Read More »

How to Kill Moles & Grubs?

Your landscaping is finally completed when suddenly problems begin. You see brown patches of dead grass, even though your expensive sprinkler system is working perfectly. Soon after the brown patch... Read More »

How to Kill White Grubs Naturally?

White grubs are a destructive pest in lawns throughout North America. The grubs are larvae hatched by Japanese Beetles and Masked Chafers in midsummer to late summer. Grubs feed on the roots of gra... Read More »

How do I kill grass grubs in Montreal?

Remove by HandExamine the lawn at dawn each morning, when the grubs are slow moving, and you can pluck them off the grass by hand. Take a bucket filled with soapy water, and look over each section ... Read More »