How do you kill gnats in the house plants?

Answer just eat it away. the most simple way, isn't it?

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What can I use to kill gnats and fruit flies that are living on my house plants?

Insecticides control fruit flies, but the chemicals can harm plants. An easier method is to simply place a jar of cider vinegar with a few drops of soap near the plants. The flies are attracted to ... Read More »

What can you spray on indoor plants to kill gnats or ants?

One non-toxic technique that can be used to deter gnats and ants from indoor plants is to spray the plants with a soapy water mixture. The mixture should consist of one part soap, such as dish wash... Read More »

How do i get rid of gnats on house plants?

Soil ControlAllow indoor plant soil to dry completely on the surface between waterings. Gnats love moist conditions and decaying plant material and will breed a new generation every month in the ri... Read More »

How do I protect house plants from gnats?

ChemicalsBuy a pesticide at a home improvement or garden store that contains pyrethrin. Look for this on the label. Put on a pair of gardening gloves. Spray your houseplants every three days for up... Read More »