How do you kill gnatlike insects in house plants?

Answer ive been searching on google and it seems if u pour cider with water on ur plant itll kill the gnats and put sand on top of the soil so the ones tht survive cant get out and die they have a 30 day ... Read More »

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How to Control Insects & Diseases on House Plants With a Spray?

Insects and pests can infect healthy house plants, causing them to become diseased or weak. A common way pests spread is when new plants are brought into the house and not thoroughly checked for in... Read More »

How do you kill whiteflies on house plants?

Answer I'm not an expert, but I brush off the eggs with a soft brush like a toothbrush.--------------------------------------------------OR--------------------------------------------------Spray wi... Read More »

Can bleach kill house plants?

How do I kill ants on house plants?

InspectFind out where the ants are living by following them to their home. They could be living in the plant's soil itself, somewhere else in your home or outside. Locate their food source by watch... Read More »