How do you kill caterpillars on vegetable gardens?

Answer 1. get several plastic cups put them in the soil so that the hole is still there fill the cups with beer and because the bugs like the smell they go in the cups then die. 2. get a sprayer and fill ... Read More »

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How do I kill caterpillars at home?

if you are sure they are caterpillars use Bt....Dipel is a is a virus that only targets certain insects... never understood in the name of not buying "dangerous chemicals" people will mi... Read More »

How to Kill Black Caterpillars?

Caterpillars are destructive little creatures that feed on leafy vegetation, eating their way through plants and trees. They turn into butterflies that can lay up to 1,000 eggs, which will hatch mo... Read More »

Can Roundup be used in vegetable gardens?

Roundup is a nonselective herbicide that kills all vegetation. It is absorbed through the leaves of existing plants. It can be used in the vegetable garden before vegetables are planted. Wait one t... Read More »

Bugs in Vegetable Gardens?

Vegetable gardens are susceptible to visits and infestations by a wide variety of bugs that feed on all parts of vegetable plants. Damage ranges from cosmetic to severe injury, so become accustomed... Read More »