How do you kill blue tail lizards in house?

Answer Actually, they are there because of an adequate food supply of insects. Catch them and take them outside. You might explore the outer parameters of your home to see if there is a way that they are ... Read More »

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What do blue tail lizards eat?

Blue tail lizards eat insects, spiders and earthworms, according to the Idaho Museum of Natural History. The blue tail lizard is formally known as the Western Skink and got its "blue tail" nickname... Read More »

What do blue bellied lizards eat?

Blue-bellied lizards, formally known as western fence lizards, feed on insects, small spiders and other arthropods. According to the San Diego Natural History Museum, the reptiles are known as "blu... Read More »

Baby Blue-Tongue Lizards?

A common sight in Australia is a friendly lizard with a blue tongue. This lizard, known as the blue-tongue lizard, or skink, keeps the snail and insect population under control in many Australian b... Read More »

Blue Belly Lizards Diet?

The Sceloporus occidentalis or blue belly lizard, also called the Western fence lizard or a swift, is a small lizard common to California and surrounding U.S. states. This spiny lizard is generally... Read More »