How do you kill bamboo?

Answer The first thing you have to do is cut it all down - ALL OF IT. A patch of bamboo is one living organism. After you cut it down the rhizomes will start sending up thick shoots. These shoots grow ama... Read More »

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How to Kill Bamboo?

Bamboo can grow in almost any conditons as long as it can get enough water. It is difficult to remove, so here is a simple guide on how to get rid of it with some normal household items.

How do I stunt or kill bamboo?

Stunt GrowthContain the bamboo grove. Isolate the section of the bamboo to keep from the rhizome network it is attached to by cutting with a sharp spade. Rhizomes tend to be superficial so deep dig... Read More »

How do you kill bamboo plants?

Answer Place them in direct sunlight, in a window sill. They are delicate and can't take the direct light. They require being in a portion of a room that has no sun shining on it at all. (Indir... Read More »

How to Kill Japanese Bamboo?

Japanese bamboo, along with other species of bamboo, are extremely versatile plants and are difficult to completely kill off. Bamboo will grow rapidly and cause issues where gardening is concerned ... Read More »