How do you kill an unborn child without abortion?

Answer if you want to do it on purpose that is an abortion. And the only way is by medicine from the doctor or a surgical abortion.

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Is their any other way you could abort the birth of your unborn child without actually having an abortion?

How does having an abortion effect an unborn child?

Basically, yes. This puts the child's life in DANGER. Abortion is done at birth. The child is turned around, the neck is cut, and the brain is vacumed out. Abortion is horrible and should not be to... Read More »

How do you kill an unborn child?

You shouldn't use the word kill in this state, its called an abortion if that is your question in any case. As it is well know, it is illegal and inhuman to kill you should know better. I suggest y... Read More »

Can sperm kill an unborn child?