How do you kill an unborn child?

Answer You shouldn't use the word kill in this state, its called an abortion if that is your question in any case. As it is well know, it is illegal and inhuman to kill you should know better. I suggest y... Read More »

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Can sperm kill an unborn child?

Can stress kill an unborn child?

Answer Stress can certainly kill the mom, so the baby won't survive either. Stress can put a lot of strain on the unborn child therfore it could develope certain brain problems, in extreme cases t... Read More »

Can drinking vinegar kill an unborn child?

I've heard that. I think it can. Everyone is saying no it cant because they dont think its right. BUT then how come .. -> read the back of a douche box .. it tells yu not to douche to prevent pr... Read More »

How do you kill an unborn child without abortion?

if you want to do it on purpose that is an abortion. And the only way is by medicine from the doctor or a surgical abortion.