How do you kill a cardinal?

Answer with a pelet gun

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Cardinal Eye Disease?

We all have six cardinal positions of the eye. These are the positions in which a normal eyeball can turn. Cardinal Eye Disease refers to the diseases which are caused when the extraocular muscles ... Read More »

Are cardinal directions capitalized?

Cardinal directions are the four major directions on a compass: north, south, east and west. Generally, these directions are not capitalized unless they are part of a name. For example, "We need to... Read More »

How to Write the Cardinal Number of a Set?

Cardinal numbers express a quantity of a set of objects or numbers. Learning to calculate cardinal numbers is as simple as learning to count. Parents often expose children as young as infants or to... Read More »

How to Build a Cardinal House?

Arguably the most recognizable backyard bird in eastern North America, the bright red Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) is a regular visitor to city parks, suburbs, forests, swamps, and bru... Read More »