How do you keep yourself feeling fresh, energetic even after a tiring day ?

Answer Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Drink lots of water and make sure that you relax when you can. Naps are good too. I usually take a nice warm bath in the Winter and in the Summer I'll go f... Read More »

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How to avoid feeling sleepy even after sleeping for 8 hrs?

Exercise shortly after waking up, that's the healthy way to do it. If you're looking for a faster route, drink a couple cups of coffee, only a couple, too much and you'll feel sluggish after noon ... Read More »

After a session with my boyfriend, I get that not so fresh feeling. Is there anything I can do to aliviate...?

get a flavor you like of Summer's Eve (I like "after the rain") and drink it with a little Southern Comfort while walking on the beach with a trusted friend.

What one food would you eat to keep yourself feeling "just energized enough"?

i fasted last started off with just eating a few spoon fulls(spoon fulls or spoons of cottage cheese...i literally had 3-4 spoons of it each day for about 3 days..and then i ... Read More »

How to Be a Good Host After a Tiring Day?

The day has been long. You have woken up before sunrise and it's already way beyond sunset. The day is nearly over, even before you realised. The rush of meetings, hard-pressed deadlines, unprecede... Read More »