How do you keep your "down there" clean...?

Answer Well you could use feminine wipes or baby wipes after you change your pad, to clear all the nasty stuff away and if you're at school or any other place I suggest you take a shower when you get home... Read More »

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Is there an easy way to keep your house windows clean?

the easiest way to get your windows clean is to put plenty of vinegar in the water,the vinegar cuts through the grease and grime and using news paper to dry them leaves them smear free,also never c... Read More »

How to Keep My Freshwater Tank Clean & pH Down?

The ideal pH conditions of a fish tank are dependent on the type of fish in the tank. Fish species such as the rosy tetra or Siamese fighting fish, do best in slightly acidic or low pH (below 7.0) ... Read More »

What percentage of girls keep it bare "down there"?

I think like 75 percent... girls like to keep their " down there" shave. because when guys go " down there" they want it to be shaved off if you know what I mean.

Is there anything to keep the swelling down, I've been bitten.......?

*Looks around the room whistling*I just so happen to have a special cream that could remedy that..........