How do you keep worms from freezing in your compost bin?

Answer If the bn is in an enclosed space; a heat lamp or high wattage bulb may have good success.If bin is not enclosed; wrap bin with a heat tape (typically used for water pipes) and plug in.Ray Phillips

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Can you put worms in a compost tumbler?

Generally speaking, worms will not survive in a compost tumbler. Worms are happiest in temperatures between 55 and 77 F. A compost tumbler can heat up to110 - 160 Fahrenheit which is too hot for op... Read More »

How do i feed compost worms?

What to FeedCut up kitchen scraps such as vegetables, fruits, leftover cereal, rice or other grains, coffee filters, and pieces of cardboard into small chunks that are easier for red worms to begin... Read More »

Can I put worms into my compost pile?

You can add worms to compost piles, but you shouldn't turn the pile as often. Instead, worms break down the organic matter more quickly than traditional composting, requiring less turning. To use t... Read More »

How do I compost with worms at home?

Prepare a binDrill several holes along the top of a 24- by 48-inch bin and at least four in the bottom. Put the bin on several bricks over a drip tray. Shred black and white newspapers as well as c... Read More »