How do you keep the swelling down in a foot injury?

Answer (1) Don't walk on it for a while.(2) Call your doctor ASAP to have him look it over.(3) (a)If there is an open wound, wash it off with water and hydrogen peroxide, add Neosporine.(b) Bandage and/or... Read More »

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How do you keep the swelling down..........?

let me apply some ice on your face.. feeling better?.. do you want me to rub something else now?.. lol

Is there anything to keep the swelling down, I've been bitten.......?

*Looks around the room whistling*I just so happen to have a special cream that could remedy that..........

Can brain swelling cause leg injury?

On One Hand: Brain Swelling Cannot Cause Leg InjuryBrain swelling, unlike swelling in other parts of the body, can occur not only because of injury but because of other complicated medical conditio... Read More »

My foot is swelling up again!!?

It's going to keep swelling for a while. I did the same several years ago. You need to keep it elevated. Use ice packs. I couldn't have salt at all. Try cutting down on salt, ice it, keep it ... Read More »