How do you keep the neighborhood kids off your lawn?

Answer Question is, are you asking for legal ways? You could report trespassers to the parents, have a word with them yourself or erect a fence to keep them off. Less legal but more fun ways include pai... Read More »

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How do I protect my central air unit from the neighborhood kids?

Buy fake video camera ($20 at Radio Shack) and install it on the wall above (well out of reach). Add sign indicated recording is in progress and any vandals will be reported to the police.orBuild ... Read More »

Can kids ride a golf cart around a neighborhood?

Kids can ride golf carts around a neighborhood in some locations. Each state has different driving restrictions. In Georgia, rules for driving a golf cart are the same as driving a car (16 year old... Read More »

If the neighborhood restricts above ground pools does that help increase the home value in the neighborhood?

Answer Difficult question for an above-ground pool company to answer. The premise of the question suggests your answer. Many realtors, as well as surrounding homeowners, see the above-ground opti... Read More »

How to Keep Kids Off Your Lawn?

Everybody knows at least one annoying child. For most it's their own, but for an unlucky few, its their neighbors. in this article you will learn how to rid an uninvited neighbor of your lawn.