How do you keep in control when the pain is too much?

Answer It really depends on the pain. If your talking emotional...Do something you like. Whether it's playing video games, singing, browsing the internet, or playing sports. Do something you like to get y... Read More »

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Why do I keep on getting chest pain when I'm upset?

When upset, tense, angry, stressed, shock, fight and all similars, The body's immune systems immediately starts damage control excercise. It does so by conusuming whatever B.Complex is available in... Read More »

When Purchasing New Equipment Is It Essential to Keep an Inventory to Control It?

Inventory management is a common practice in businesses because owners and managers do not want to continually pay money for lost, stolen or broken assets. Purchasing new equipment should fall unde... Read More »

Why do I itch so much when I take pain killers?

You are probably allergic to them. Try a different type. My sister is allergic to any with aspirin in it. Some people are allergic to the ibuprofen. Take something different and see your doctor.

When will this pain stop Hurts so much!?

Keep taking your antibiotic. Increase fluids, try a warm compress on the affected ear. I'm sorry you don't feel well. It will pass soon.