How do you keep champagne cold without refrigerator?

Answer Put the bottle in ice.

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If I keep the refrigerator door opened and switch it on, will the entire room get cold?

No. The air immediately in front of the opened door will be cooler but, take a look at the back of your refrigerator. That grill is there to release the heat taken from inside the refrigerator into... Read More »

How do you keep ice without refrigerator?

you put the ice outside if it is cold enough or you can put it in a frezzer or an ice box. :)

How to Keep Ice Cold Without a Cooler?

Finding yourself outdoors without an ice chest requires some ingenuity to keep ice cold. Take stock of the items you have available, and put them to good use. Insulation, reflection and the right l... Read More »

Is it harmful to keep hot milk in refrigerator if I want to drink cold milk?

GO BUY SOME COLD MILK STUPID!!!No, the hot milk should NOT spoiled if you keep in refrigerator, infact thiswould be similar to the process of pasturizing the milk, which is extreemely important bef... Read More »