How do you keep cats out your garden?

Answer Use pet repelent from a pet or gardening store

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How can I keep cats off my garden?

try putting orange peel in the garden, sure I've heard that for the car, hmm i don't really know, you could stick some under the window wiper, lol good luck!

How can I keep cats out of my garden.?

Essentially the cats have got in to a habit. Therefore you are looking to break this habit.The suggestion for cut up lemons is quite good -I know cats can't stand the smell of citronella - so eith... Read More »

How do I keep cats out of my garden?

How to Get Rid of Cats from Your Garden?

Cats are fun sometimes, but they can be a nuisance! They can eat your plants, leave droppings, and meow at odd hours. Here's how to make them stop.