How do you keep an uncircumcised baby clean?

Answer Never pull the infant's foreskin back. This can cause serious injury and tissue damage. Boys' foreskins will naturally retract on their own, which may be as late as the teenage years.The skin actua... Read More »

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How to Keep Your House Clean with a New Baby?

happy mom and babyYou have a baby and your previously tidy house is now a disaster area. You could hire a maid, or rely on your mother-in-law, but but for one reason or another, those are just not ... Read More »

If 15 yr old girl 16 yr old boy are having baby and want to adopt out can parents of kids make them keep the baby or can the kids legally put baby up for adoption?

No, only the parents decide this and the adoption papers is the only legally binding contract a minor can sign. When it comes to your child you have the same rights as an adult. No one can force yo... Read More »

Can I become uncircumcised?

Yeah, you can. It's possible through foreskin restoration (which is NOT surgical). Foreskin restoration is the process of applying painless tension on the penile skin (usually through a device such... Read More »

Uncircumcised guys UNITE!?

I'm uncircumsized. It is so awesome, the gliding motion, warm glans, natural lube, and the sexiness of it is just mind-blowing.Totally In!