How do you keep a loose tooth from falling out?

Answer Whatever you do...don't wiggle it! The more you play with it, the looser it will get! Either way you will have a gap in your mouth...don't sweat it! (If kids at school say like "yeah ... Read More »

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"i just had my tooth capped yesterday.closing my lips a problem. mycapped tooth is loose watshould i do?

go to your dentist again and ask to cement the tooth again for free!

My tooth is not falling out?

Ask the dentist about it again because you should probably get the tooth pulled wince it is not falling out on its own. And its affecting the growth of your other tooth you'll have to get braces wh... Read More »

The meat in my taco is really loose. What can I do to prevent it from falling out?

I always use the soft shells, like for burritos, then you can wrap it around the meat to stop it from falling out.Good eating.

How do you help prevent a tooth from falling out.?

Dont eat on that side of your mouth and if you drink pop quit drinking until better