Can you jump-start a car battery off a scooter battery?

Answer Technically, you can jump-start a car from a scooter as long as jumper cables can safely be attached to the scooter battery's contacts without disconnecting the battery from the scooter, because th... Read More »

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How to Jump Your Battery?

Attach (1) like "red to red" as (+) to (+) positive; and attach the the other color (2) like "black to black" as (-) to (-) negative. In this picture plastic insulation of cables are blue has red c... Read More »

Can you jump a snowmobile from a car battery?

You should not jump start a snowmobile from a car battery because snowmobiles have 6 volt batteries while car batteries have approximately 12 volts. Jump starting a snowmobile from a car can cause... Read More »

How to Jump a 12-Volt Battery?

A dead battery can happen to anyone -- headlights left on, a faulty alternator, or a failure of the battery itself can all cause one. Virtually all modern cars are equipped with 12 volt batteries, ... Read More »

How to Jump Start Your Own 12 Volt Car Battery?

Chances are, that at some point in time, you will have to jump start your 12 volt car battery. You will need a quality set of jumper cables and access to a second vehicle with a fully-charged batte... Read More »